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uNight: For the Children of Uganda is an international non-profit organization registered in Uganda, the United Kingdom and the United States with the mission to invest in young leaders to help rebuild northern Uganda - a region that has been devastated by war and neglect and yet has received minimal international attention.

Born out of the conviction that all children deserve the opportunity to succeed in life, uNight offers some of northern Uganda’s most talented and driven youth access to the capital, tools and peer-support networks they will need to harness their academic, leadership and entrepreneurial talents to spearhead change. With uNight’s help,  our vision is that these future peace-builders, teachers, doctors and business –owners will develop the skills not only to provide for themselves and their community, but also to call others to action, to motivate and inspire hope.

By cultivating a new generation of leadership and socially and environmentally responsible entrepreneurs uNight aspiration is to help revive the local economy and integrate it into the greater economies of East Africa. In doing so, our success will demonstrate the effectiveness of our unique youth-based – self-sustaining – socio-economic development model, which can then be applied across Uganda and throughout the developing world.